“Discontent, Who Me?”

As I begin to share my story its funny I would start with a topic about discontentment.  What does it mean when you know you’re on the brink of breakthrough, you’re stepping into things God has promised you, things you’ve heard again and again, but you just haven’t seen them manifest? Well, it probably means you’re living in a very uncomfortable place, perhaps a place you’ve never seen before and to be perfectly honest you may not be that great at navigating. When you have lived a life of feeling rejected from the people that are closest to you it can be difficult  to walk in the unknown and experience a life you never thought possible. I share this because this is my story and along my journey I found myself on a twist in the road, a place I would pass through and the place was called “Discontentment!” I have an awesome relationship with the Lord, I’m living my best life ever, the best is yet to come, and then I find myself here,  discontentment, who me?  As I find  myself navigating new territory, bumping my head hear and there, in my frustration I asked the Lord, “what is this place?” The response I heard was “discontentment.” I thought, did I hear that right? Let me look up discontentment to make sure I understand the meaning? I should have known it was a setup when the first result that came up in my internet search was the biblical definition.

KJV Dictionary Definition: discontent
DISCONTENT, n. dis and content. Want of content; uneasiness or inquietude of mind; dissatisfaction at any present state of things.
DISCONTENT, a. Uneasy; dissatisfied.
DISCONTENT, v.t. To make uneasy at the present state; to dissatisfy

After reading the definition, before I could even start defending myself in my own mind I heard the following statements, “what about all the times I was impatient about the plan and process God had for my life? What about still being single? Why haven’t I received what God promised yet, what’s taking so long?  The list goes on and on, I continued my search to find more, when I came across an article, “Dwarfed by Discontentment,” by Vicky Kraft. As I read this article it had so many powerful points, I felt the feeling of discontentment subsiding when I began to experience another feeling called, “conviction.” 

In the article she talks about the children of Israel and their journey from bondage to freedom and all God had promised.  The children of Israel began to complain, they didn’t like their circumstances and wanted to go back, they were discontent, and as I read I saw myself walking with them with new eyes remembering all the things I complained about concerning my own life.

As I pause here think about your own life, are you passing through discontentment, sitting in discontentment, a little impatient with your journey? Well if that’s you, make sure you check out the next blog where I share the exit I found from the place called discontentment.

Remember to be resilient!

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  1. Great points…definitely have experienced that place of discontentment in my own life. God uses everything and even here, He is so merciful and tender with us to teach us to continue, to move on – there is better on the way. Thanks for sharing, Vanessa!

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